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How Mentors Help Students Enroll in the Best Universities in the World

Whether you want to study at one of the world's leading universities, transfer from one university to another, or get a lucrative job offer abroad, Milestones Education & Career will help you at every stage of your journey: (continue reading)
Our Mission
We create an environment where young people:

- reveal their talents and develop strong leadership skills;
- participate in prestigious educational programs and internships around the world;
- carry out successful volunteer, research, and business projects;
- learn to work in a team and build meaningful connections; and,
- surround themselves with successful peers from all over the world!

As a result, our students get admitted to, and enroll in, the best schools and universities. Later, many secure employment with some of the world's leading companies. They take different paths to success, but their journey always starts here.

How we work
Selection of schools, universities, and professional opportunities abroad
Our team will assess and select the most suitable academic programs, universities, colleges, and organizations for internships and work. We will then develop an individualized plan to prepare for admission, transfer, or employment, along with a list of recommended specialties and positions based on the student's interests and goals.
Preparing for entrance exams
Certified teachers and tutors will prepare an individualized study plan based on schools' admission testing and language requirements. Then, they'll work to help bring each student's. English language skills to the required level, and ensure they pass the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ISEE, or SSAT exams.
Preparing essays and resumes, and building a portfolio
Coaching sessions will help each student compose and narrate their unique story, strengths, values, and beliefs in the form of essays and cover letters required for admission. Guidance and mentoring in the development of an out-of-school volunteer, research, business, sports, or creative project, as well as placement in an internship, will strengthen portfolios and increase the chances of being offered admission or employment.
Communication and the formation of a network
Our specialists will ensure each student develops the academic, business, and interpersonal communication skills necessary for successful study and work in a new country. They'll teach youth how to find information; ask questions; conduct business correspondence with professors, alumni, and employers; and behave appropriately at meetings. Even before moving to a new environment, students will have new acquaintances at their chosen universities on whom they can rely during their studies.
Internships and employment abroad
For those who began their academic journey in a new environment, we offer career consulting services, helping students with guidance on things like drafting a career-development strategy, selecting internships and additional professional educational programs, creating a resume and project portfolio, and preparing for interviews
Our Team - More Than 400 Consultants and Mentors
Consultants, mentors, and tutors work with each student. They include professors and graduates of selected universities, as well as employees of international companies.
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